Art-Vantage  is a unique art advisory service designed for our discerning investors/collectors of modern & contemporary art and photography, who are look forward to ‘art’ as an alternate asset class to complete and optimize their portfolio & profit.

Art over the last few years has given an above 20% CAGR return, even in the worst of economic conditions; as a result investors are looking at realigning their portfolio by inclusion of this alternate asset as a hedge to other assets and uncertain economic conditions.

We provide the new and experienced investors/collectors with a wide range of professional services, from unparalleled coverage of the national and international art market to expert research and  analysis & comprehensive collection management. Our range of services meets the needs of both residential & corporate clients.


Weather you are interested in purchasing a single work of art, or implementing a comprehensive art programme, we provide assistance in the following area:


  •           Acquisition and sales of works of art.

  •           Researching and locating specific collectors request.

  •           Valuation and quality assessment of potential acquisition.

  •           Arranging for commissioned works.

  •           Framing services, including reframing to refresh a collection.

  •           Obtaining authentication of work.

  •           Inventory & appraisal Services – Assessing existing collection and highlighting best work for retainer ship. 





As private advisors we work solely in the service of our clients providing neutral, uncompromised and objective advice, specific to their unique need, desire & objective.

Our position of neutrality is distinct from the conflicting interest of art dealer, auction house personnel and museum curators. The selling strategy of gallery owners and art dealers is driven by the artists they represent and their inventories; the advice provided by auction house personnel is determined by what is in their upcoming sales and by their responsibility to the seller; and the counsel of museum curators is guided by the collecting needs and priorities of the institution that employ them. Our only agenda is that of our clients.



Serving Investor/Collector


In serving our investor/collector, our first and paramount job is to gain a full understanding of the client’s objective, including areas of interest, aesthetic sensibility, and budget. The work of art we help find and vet for our client must fit the parameters they have established. Each collection we help build is unique and reflects the taste of the investor/collector.



Research and Analysis:  


Our approach and processes bring highest level of scholarship and connoisseurship to vetting work of art. Our in-house research is greatly facilitated by thousands of volumes, which include many exhibition catalogues, art periodicals and publications. This unique resource with a keen critical judgment and art world experience, is exclusively at the service of our investors/collectors.

The complex matrix of factors that determine the desirability and value of a work of art, such as its condition, supply & demand, historical significance & critical importance, is the focus of our research and analysis.



Asset Value:


Because of our experience, prominence and quality of work we are associated with, we have a wealth of information on pricing of art objects. Over the years we have built a data point on pricing of thousands of work of art.

Our experience in this field and growing archive of market valuation helps us to provide investors/collectors with thorough pricing analysis on each potential acquisition, thus minimizing the potential for risk and maximizing the potential for gain.



Increasing Value


Collection of art provides many rewards, not the least of which is appreciation in asset value. Our clients have enjoyed extraordinary performance in the value of their collection over a period of time.

Sheer hard work, coverage of national/international art, and a keen eye has enabled us to have the ‘art’ of identifying art movements and individual artists of importance before they become ‘hot’ and ‘celebrities’ to the rest of the world.

Our Clients benefit by our long standing, dependable relationship with a vast number of artist, gallerists, dealers, auction house personnel and museum officials, and by our ability to spend time and effort  attending exhibition and selling venues.










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